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Ro in Action ... 

Mission Statement

To educate and elevate all animals to the highest possible state of being, offering them the best of food, apparel and training. 

About Ro...

Ro's passion for cooking started at the age of 14. She gained a degree in Food & Beverage and after she opened her restaurant in bustling Toronto, Canada, she was offered to Host a travel cooking show called Entrada, Journeys Through Latin American Cuisine. This acclaimed show ran on cable television for 15 years and out of that a book was published.

Her award-winning company Neo-Paws International has changed the lives of many animals for the better, helping their dogs walk again with her patented design of orthopedic dog shoes and supportive products. 

Her love and knowledge of food and animals have been combined offering an assortment of healthy recipes for both the human and pet alike! She will share her insights on nutrition while cooking delicious eats for both you and your pets.

Please stay tuned as we post videos and the recipes once a week, every Friday! We also welcome any suggestions, tips and call-outs to cook your favourite recipes as well as we try to convert it for our Furry Friends resulting in Pawsitive Cooking!

55 ch veggie .png

Watch RO cooking delicious and easy recipes, on our Vlog offering great insights!

A Love of Animals & Food

Ro is a remarkable woman.  She is passionate for animals and their welfare.  Her passion for pets

and their pet safety and well-being, combined with her passion for health and wellness and cooking has propelled her desire to share her knowledge with all of her two-legged friends.


With that in mind, we proudly present:

Healthy Cooking with RO!


"It's in my opinion that it is best to feed your dogs, like you feed yourself.  If you are healthy, your pet will be too.  Your best friend deserves you to be at your best!" - Ro

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