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Canadian Winters are cold and unforgiving.  With temperatures that drop rapidly, the harsh winter streets are no place for any human or animal to be.  Although the city of Toronto, has numerous shelters readily available for those who find themselves homeless, there are many others who simply refuse to take shelter.  Neo-Paws's is proud to Paw It Back!  Every month we travel the cold streets of Toronto to ensure that anyone who has chosen to stay on the streets are ok, have food to eat, and that their pet/dog stays warm.  To contribute to the Paw it Back Program, simply purchase a product below, and or donate below, and your contribution will provide warmth and comfort, to an animal who is providing warmth and comfort to his or her owner.

Now with all the food-related initiatives, we will be offering them healthier food products so that their dogs will be on the right path to good health!

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